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Long Standing Relationships

Over the course of years, FLBE Inc. has been brought in to upgrade and maintain this historic central DC Courthouse through its multi-phase overhauls. Converting the building to a modern facilities control system, replacing the steam converter, condensate and ejection equipment. FLBE returned again to replace the aging AHU units, and again for the fan-coil systems. Our care and consideration goes a long way to maintaining client and tenant satisfaction when buildings like these are occupied while being refitted.

Project managment, Design and Construction.

Recomposition of flex space into a movie and sound studio. Fully sound dampened exterior, and installed across the hall from a 135db Server Facility, this dual staged camera set with digital lighting, repurposed and sound attenuated HVAC system, chilled-water cooled post-processing server room, and radio recording studio serves the Department of Census in Suitland, Md.

Mission Critical Solutions

FLBE Inc. recently completed a two year effort to redesign and refit a major government weather facility for its newly expanded mission. Doubling the facilities cooling capacities from 600 tons to 1200 tons, expanding its power redundancies, and multiplying the available computing power installed in the facility, all while working in the footprint of the existing structure. FBLE enabled the agency to pave the way to completing its administration appointed mission.

High Profile Clientelle

A newly designed and repurposed Enterprise Operations Center was created for the Dept. of Census.  Redundant rooftop cooling units, data, power, fire and safety systems were designed with a eye towards impressing the dignataries. The command center was reconstructed in three carefully synchronized phases so the occupants of the space could still perform all mission critical tasks while the rennovation was taking place.

Construction Deficiencies

Hindsight is twenty-twenty; and even in construction, sometimes corrections need to be made after the fact. FLBE can help you correct design errors, by performing detailed surveys and analysis to identify what exactly is causing the performance issues and lay out an efficient plan of correction. Was an exterior section missing insulation? Was the load calculation incorrect? FLBE can identify a solution, run models for assurance and manage the surgical corrections in a timely fashion.


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About Us

We are a full service engineering firm located in Herndon, Va serving the Washington D.C. and surrounding areas.

Founded in 2003, FLBE has grown in size and reputation for some very simple reasons. We believe in offering our clients the most advanced building solutions that fit both budgets and schedules. We believe that successful projects are the result of quality service and proactive planning - on the job, and after.

FLBE, Inc. is an SBA Minority Corporation that specializes in full service Engineering, Construction, Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Contracting & Facilities Management. Our location in the heart of Northen Virginia allows us to respond to our Federal and commericial clients located in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area.

In February 2015, FLBE transition to new onwership. We still continue to provide the same excellent quality of service that our clients deserve.


FLBE, Inc. strives to foster a professional relationship with a personal touch with our clients, to provide exceptional service, and to meet their immediate and long-term goals.

Corporate History

FLBE was founded in 2003 and has collected a team of well rounded engineers who have worked together to develop a reputation for design excellence.

Whether the job is a fundamental electrical/mechanical overhaul, infrastructure refurbishment, historical Preservation and or new construction, we bring a balanced approach to the analysis and provide a detailed cost-benefit analysis to manage budget and scope requirements. In service to our federal clients, we have built a reputation of quality and superb performance with our contacts at GSA.

Leadership Team

The leadership team is focused on quality engineering. We maintain multiple in-house licensed professional engineers from various disciplines. We cooperate with other firms for expert consultation in areas where our experience needs more breadth.

The leadership fosters a vision of service that understands blending expertise brings about a better product. We rise to the challenge, and we build teams that succeed. Our subcontractors appreciate the detail and effort we put into our designs because they have confidence that the final product will work as intended.

Corporate Growth

The leadership team at FLBE creates an atmosphere of positive growth. We encourage professional career expansion and facilitate licensure for all engineers who desire to attain certification. Expanding our engineering skills in every area possible helps us to meet each and every opportunity with fresh solutions and a continually improving process. This year alone our firm had one third of its junior engineering staff sit for licensure.

Contact Us

We are constantly expanding our network. If you are a subcontractor who is interested in being considered for our business, or if you are an architecture or engineering specialty firm and you would like to partner and expand opportunities by collaborating; we are always happy to meet you.

Please call and make an appointment to stop by for lunch, or send an introduction letter to operations@flbeinc.com

We have just expanded our offices and are located at 560 Herndon Parkway, Herndon, Virginia 20170-5246

You may reach us by phone at p) 703-481-8306 f) 703-481-8307

Employment Opportunities

Even in these challenging economic times, we have been blessed with an increasing number of opportunities. We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:
  • Site Superintendant
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Program Assistant

Please provide a cover letter and a resume in pdf format to the following email: employment@flbeinc.com Specifically we currently have an immediate need for the following:


DUTIES : Prepare & Produce cost estimates for construction projects, coordinate and meet with contractors, sub contractors, owner and design engineers, Review and Analyze blueprints, Use CADD to prepare product documentation, Identify and Quantify project cost, Evaluate and Recommend profitability and viability of products/services, Perform other function as required to study government standards.

REQUIREMENT: Education: Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering with 5 years experience

Must be proficient with CADD software Character References.

SALARY HOURS : $84,822.00 per annum, 40 hours/week TO APPLY CONTACT: FLBE, Inc. 560 Herndon Parkway, Suite 200 Herndon, Va 20170 Fax resume to (703) 481-8307

Vendor Marketing

We are always looking for new solutions and sources of new products. We take an intimate approach to our designs, and whenever possible, design to specific equipment standards. We value vendor relationships, and work hard to understand the competing feature vs cost benefits of the wide and varied options.

If you would like to visit our offices and provide a presentation on your products, please contact our HR department at (703)481-8306 or marketing@flbeinc.com and schedule a time to stop by.